Newsletter December 2013

Greetings fellow fly flickers,
I’m told to get a buzz out of life take a kid fishing. So I asked the kid would he like to go to Merrijig with the club for a weekend of fly fishing.
Well the kid is 28 but he agreed, so a crash course of approximately 1 hour of casting on the green banks of suburban Mt Martha, i.e., the nature strip, Then it was off to the Gentleman’s outfitters – the shed where waders, vest, rod and reel were selected and we were ready for the weekend.
Friday afternoon saw the kid on the Delatite with clear water, sunshine and a casting style that was looking alright but no fish. Saturday saw four of us walking down the slope to Gardiner’s hut on the Howqua. Once again great looking water a magnificent setting and still good weather.
So with a few more casting and upstream craft instructions we let the kid loose. Several trees, the odd wind knot, a bird’s nest, loss of several flies and did not see or hear a fish move anywhere, it wasn’t looking great. The day ……..

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