Devilbend Casting


Greetings Fellow Fly Flickers

As I was confined to barracks the other day the CEO suggested that a clean-up of the office would be in order, and as reams of paper were being removed to the out-basket a crumpled paper bag turned up – and it had to be important as it had Hunting & Fishing New Zealand stamped on it. Scribbled on the back was some words of wisdom I’d found in a magazine whilst in NZ and it had taken my fancy.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn!

So as I pondered ………..

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Newsletter August 2014

Greetings fellow fly flickers.
The start of a new Club year and your new committee looks forward to working out a program of interesting trips and speakers for 2015.
The reports from the Howqua and other streams - our usual fishing haunts don’t appear to be promising. We’ll……….

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Newsletter June 2014

Greetings fellow fly flickers.
Winter is upon us and the streams are closed for spawning and stream recovery. Time to think of next season and new flies – so watch this space for new dates for fly tying sessions.
A big thanks to the guys who turned at Two Bays to help Graeme Hay…….

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Greetings fellow fly flickers.
School holidays, Easter, Anzac Day, footy, picking grapes - well for me anyway - and trying to get in a little fly fishing. It must be autumn! Well at least day and night has been returned to its proper time!
The Annual Dinner is fast approaching……….

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Devilbend Casting Day

In windy but otherwise pleasant conditions fourteen members attended our first casting day at Devilbend Reserve.

Some of the team in our new Event Shelter

Some of the team in our new Event Shelter

All members assisted in providing tuition to approximately 15 people including a number of juniors. Sam set up a casting area with hoops to cast at and was particularly patient with a number of juniors who were present at family BBQ’s and found their way to our display. Bob tied a number of indicators for use on members rods and we were glad he brought fly tying equipment to make some more after we had exhausted his initial supply of a dozen. There was great interest from a select group of people who had been specifically invited as a result of website enquiries and it looks as though we will pick up between 4 – 6 new members for our efforts today.

Casting Area at Devilbend

Casting Area at Devilbend

The day concluded around 1.00 pm with everybody partaking of a BBQ sausage sizzle and  cool drink.

Overall, members unanimously rated the day as successful both from a club promotion perspective as well as the enjoyment and camaraderie of getting together for the first club event for the year.

Looking forward to the next one in May!

More photos from the day on the Gallery page.