Newsletter March 2014

Greetings fellow fly flickers.
Just back from a Club Trip and one question asked was – “How come we don’t get more members to Club outings?” Your committee is trying to meet all of your needs in fly fishing if it is possible.
So Ian will be …….

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Newsletter February 2014

Greetings fellow fly flickers.
Well Christmas has been and gone. I hope Santa was kind to you and filled your fishing bag with all the goodies that make a fly fisher happy.
Just back form a week in Tassie where a group of members had a great time even if the weather put a dampener on the fishing. High temperatures and winds had tempers rising not fish! Water temperatures on average 20 – 22 degrees does not make for good fishing. Roll on a change in the weather and some rain.
Hope to see you on the water somewhere some………..

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Newsletter December 2013

Greetings fellow fly flickers,
I’m told to get a buzz out of life take a kid fishing. So I asked the kid would he like to go to Merrijig with the club for a weekend of fly fishing.
Well the kid is 28 but he agreed, so a crash course of approximately 1 hour of casting on the green banks of suburban Mt Martha, i.e., the nature strip, Then it was off to the Gentleman’s outfitters – the shed where waders, vest, rod and reel were selected and we were ready for the weekend.
Friday afternoon saw the kid on the Delatite with clear water, sunshine and a casting style that was looking alright but no fish. Saturday saw four of us walking down the slope to Gardiner’s hut on the Howqua. Once again great looking water a magnificent setting and still good weather.
So with a few more casting and upstream craft instructions we let the kid loose. Several trees, the odd wind knot, a bird’s nest, loss of several flies and did not see or hear a fish move anywhere, it wasn’t looking great. The day ……..

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devilbend reservoir fly fishing

Newsletter November 2013

Greetings fellow fly fishers. Well it’s been a busy month with the Fly-In at Lake Fyans followed by the Wastell Trophy at Cairn Curran the weekend after that.
After all that fishing and no fish, but I can say I had a lot of good company, all in the same boat!!
To finish the month I was joined by 14 other members in a weeding day at DevilBend’s Conservation area.
I hadn’t expected the weeds (small trees) to be so big but that didn’t deter our gallant band of workers.
Many thanks for a job well done fellows. It should earn the club a few brownie points with Parks.
Hope to see you on the water some time soon……….

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Newsletter October 2013

Greetings fellow fly flickers, Well the One Fly has been and gone with everyone having an enjoyable day. As I sat at the shelter relegated to the task of recording others successes, my eyes wandered to an adjoining pool and I was reflecting on our chosen activity when a small boy with the help of his father landed his first fish.
His eyes were like saucers and his pleasure shone out and as I turned back to our pool I realized that I was looking at bigger versions all catching fish or helping others to do so. Gee we have a great sport!! ……

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